Hosea 5

1. Hear this, O high priests, and listen, O house of Israel, and listen [you too,] O house of the King, because it is your judgment that you have caught them with traps, and the snare that has been spread over the troops.
2. And the hunters buried the troops; I, however, shall get rid of them all.
3. For I know Aprim, and Israel shall not remain hidden from me; because this is why Aprim commits adultery, and Israel is defiled.
4. Their occupations do not allow them to return to their Allaha, because the spirit of adultery is in their midst, and to Maryah they know not.
5. And the honor of Israel shall be humbled before Him, and Israel and Aprim shall falter through their abomination, and Judah shall also stumble with them.
6. With their sheep and their bulls they go to Maryah and they find him not, because He has cut Himself off from them.
7. For they lied regarding Maryah, because they gave birth to foreign children.
8. Sound the trumpet in Ramtha and the horn in Ramtha; the House of Anun calls out after you, O Benjamin.
9. On the day of rebuke Aprim shall [experience the throes of birth;] among the generations of Israel faith shall be preached.*
10. The leaders of Judea shall be like those that migrate their territory; I shall cast my wrath upon them like the waters.
11. Aprim is persecuted and oppressed by debt, because he wished to follow after emptiness.
12. And I shall be like an instigator to Aprim, and like a lion to the House of Judah.
13. And Aprim went to Ashur* and sent [emissaries] to to the king who had [ascended to power,] but* [the latter] could not heal you, and could not relieve your pain.
14. Because I am like a lion to Aprim, and a lion's cub to the House of Judah, and I tear off and go, and carry off and there is none that can deliver.
15. Turn around and go to my country, until you love and desire my face; and from [under] their oppression they shall proceed to me.

*5:9 Lit. Ar. id.: "Made known."
*5:13.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Atur."
*5:13.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."

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