Hosea 13

1.As Aprim spoke, he trembled -- [though] he was great in Issrayil, but* he was lacking [on account of] Ba'al; and [therefore] he died.
2. And now they continued* to sin, and they made for themselves sacred idols from their silver, in their likeness -- the work of craftsmen* -- and they said to them that these are the sacrifices for the children of men, and they kissed the calves.
3. And this is why they became like the cloud of the morning, and like the dew that appears* and passes, and like the chaff that is blown by the wind from the threshing [floor,] and like the smoke [that escapes] out of the window.
4. I am* your Maryah Allaha who took* you out of the land of Missrin;'* you shall know no Allaha after me,* and there is no savior except for Me.*
5. I shepherded you in the wilderness, a desolate and uninhabitable land.
6. And I shepherded them and they filled their stomachs, but* their heart became haughty; that is why they [lost sight] of me.
7. And I was for them like a lion and like a tiger on the way to Atour.*
8. I shall surprise them like a bear that claws, and pierces the outer layer of their heart, and eat them like a lion, and the creatures of the wilderness shall tear them apart.
9. You are struggling, Issrayil -- who will assist you?
10. Where did your king go? To save you, and all your cities, and your judges for whom you asked me, and said, "Give me a king and ruler?"
11. And in my anger I gave you a king, and in my wrath I favored him.
12. Aprim's abomination is curtailed, and his sin is swept under.*
13. The travail, like that of a birther, shall come upon him, because he is a son who did not become wise, because he did not rise with the travail of children.*
14. I shall save them from the hand of Sheol, and I shall deliver them from Death. Where is thus your victory, O Death? Or Where is your sting, O Sheol? Providence has hid itself from my eyes.
15. Because it will happen that there will be separation between brothers. The Spirit of Maryah from the Wilderness shall come from the East. It shall rise and ruin his wells and dry up his springs, and he shall pierce the treasure of every desirable vessel.
16. Shamrein* shall be held accountable as she murmured against her Allaha -- by the sword they shall fall, and their children shall be [dashed to the stone,] and their bearers shall be [torn asunder.]

*13:2.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Increased."
*13:2.2 Lit. Ar. id.: "Carpentry."
*13:3 Lit. At. id.: "Moves forward."
*13:4.1 Lit. Ar. id.: "Carried you up."
*13:4.2 Lit. Aramaic construction: "Allaha (sic) outside of Me you shall not know." In like manner no other name should be substituted for Allaha -- such as 'God' specifically in the Biblical tradition.
*13:4.3 NB! Prophecy regarding the Messiah who would become the only Savior.
*13:6 Lit. Ar. id.: "And."
*13:7 Lit. Aramaic: "Ashur."
*13:12 Lit. Ar. id.: "Hidden."
*13:13 NB! Aprim was pampered by the kings of Ashur, who protected his tribe in Nineveh. The Ashurai Empire was built on the strategy of moving tribes to different regions of the empire in order to standardize the language spoken by everyone and to homogenize all cultures into one civilization.
*13:13 Lit. Aramaic name retained: "Samaria."

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