Galatians 3

1. O thoughtless Galatians,* who has accursed you, that behold, like someone put the blinders before your eyes,* [you have lost sight of] Eashoa Msheekha crucified? 2. This alone I wish to know of you, did you receive the Spirit by performing the Law or by heeding the Faith? 3. Did you become so foolish that while before, the Spirit abided in you, you have now become the slaves of the flesh? 4. Was all that we preached regarding constraints? And thus our association has fallen within these narrow limits?

5. He who gave you the Spirit and the covenant of power, did He thus give them to you for your observances of the Law or because of your heeding the Faith? 6. Just as Abraham believed in Allaha, and it was credited to him as sainthood, 7. Know, therefore, that those who were faithful, they are the children of Abraham. 8. For, from times of old, before knowing that through faith was how nations were blessed, Abraham was promised,* as the holy Scripture says, “Through you all nations shall be justified*.” 9. Since the believers were justified through the faith of Abraham. 10. For those who [believed] in the observance of the Law, are under the curse of the Law. For it is written [in Scriptures,] “Cursed is he who does not do everything that is written here in the Law.” 11. So then no human being achieves sainthood before Allaha through the Law, this is obvious, because it is written in Scriptures that the saint lives by Faith.

12. The Law then did not emerge from Faith, except whoever performed those things that were written therein, came to live in the Faith. 13. Therefore, the Messiah redeemed us from the curse of the Law, who took on these curses on our own behalf. For it is written [in Scriptures,] “Accursed is he who is hanged by the Staff.*” 14. So that through Faith the blessings of Abraham would be granted by Eashoa Msheekha, and we received the declaration of the Spirit through Faith.

15. Brethren, I speak as a human being, the Covenant of the Son of Man that I testify to, let no human being denigrate it or change anything in it.* 16. To Abraham and to his seed, He deeded the Kingdom. And He did not say, “And to your seed,” as in the plural, except, “to your seed,” as in the singular, that being the the Messiah. 17. This then I say, that the Covenant from Old was fulfilled by Allaha through the Messiah,* the Law which came to us four hundred and thirty years [before Eashoa,] could not degrade and void the Kingdom [promised from the foundations of the universe.]* 18. If, however, the inheritance was given to us by the Law, that would not constitute a kingdom. The inheritance, then, that Allaha gave Abraham was the Kingdom itself. 

19. Why then the Law? Since there would be too many liberties* taken, until there came the seed that was prophesied.* And he would give the Law through the angels by the One who is Able. 20. The One who was Able was not alone, Allaha, however, is One. 21. Was the Law thus a stumbling block before the Kingdom of Allaha? Heaven forbid if the Law was given so it would be possible to attain eternal life, truly then righteousness was through the Law. 22. Except, Scriptures comprised of everything that was under the power of sin,* so that the Kingdom that is the Faith in Eashoa Msheekha would be proffered to those who believed. 23. Until Faith came then, the Law protected us, as we embodied that Faith that was destined to be revealed. 24. Thus the Law was our gateway to the Messiah, so that we may be made righteous through faith. 25. As Faith has come, we need no gateways. 26. For you are all children of Allaha through the faith in Eashoa Msheekha. 27. For those who were baptized through the Messiah, have taken* on the Messiah. 28. There is neither Jew, nor Aramaean,* neither the slave, nor the free, neither the male heir, nor female. For you are all one in Eashoa Msheekha. 29. And if you belong to the Messiah, you are thus of the seed of Abraham and heirs of the Kingdom. 

Footnotes: *3:1. 1 Aramaic expression: (specifically addressing a small group) “Deficient in thought.” -- *3:1. 2 Aramaic expression: “Tied the tiers.” -- *3:6 “Counted.” -- *3:8. 1 Literal expression: “Given the hope.” -- *3:8. 2 Literal The word doesn't exist in English. It means “blessed, made peaceful and congratulated” all at once. -- *3:13 Figure of speech: “The wood,” or “Caesar.” -- *3:15 Note: Only the Ancient Aramaic retains the correct meaning of this passage. -- *3:17. 1 Aramaic construction retained: The Old Covenant or the Old Testament was fulfilled through the Messiah. -- *3:17. 2 Paul sets the date when the Law was recorded at 430 B.C. -- *3:19. 1 Figure of speech: “Advances.” -- *3:19. 2 “To whom were directed the joyous expectations.” -- *3:22 Figure of speech: “Under sin.” -- *3:27 “Attired.” -- *3:28 “Aramaic speaking person.”

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