Galatians 1

1. Paul, an apostle not from humanity, nor by human authority,* except by the power of Eashoa Msheekha and Allaha His Father, who raised Him from the dead,* 2. And from all the brethren with me, to the churches that are in Galatia, 3. Blessings be with you and peace from Allaha the Father and Maran Eashoa Msheekha, 4. He who sacrificed* himself on behalf of our sins, to deliver us from this evil world, according to the will of our Father, 5. Whom we glorify forever, amen. 

6. I am amazed how quickly you turned to a different faith,* away from the Messiah, who called you through His grace, 7. To [a faith] which is not the real thing, except it is from people who make a joke out of you and wish to change your faith in the Messiah.* 8. Even if I or an angel from heaven should preach to you a faith* outside of what has been proffered to you, we shall be anathemas. 

9. Just as I told you from the beginning, and now again I tell you, if any human being preaches to you something outside of what you have received, they shall be anathemas. 10. For do I now conform* myself to humanity or to Allaha, or do I want to praise humanity? For if I had until now praised humanity, I would not have been a servant of the Messiah. 

11. However, I declare to you, brethren, the hope [of the Kingdom] that I preached to you, was not from the human being. 12. Neither did I receive it or learn it from a human being, except through the Revelation of Eashoa Msheekha. 13. For you have heard of my old walk in Judaism, how I persecuted the church of Allaha and tried to ruin it. 14. And I prospered through Judaism, more so than any of my age group who were my kin, and I searched extensively in the learning of my ancestors. 15. While He was pleased, however, He who from my mother's womb chose me and called me through His Grace, 16. Who revealed His Son through me among the nations, in His hour He was not revealed to me through flesh and blood, 17. And I did not go to the apostles who were [chosen] ahead of me in Jerusalem, except I went to the Arabs and again I returned to Damascus.

18. And after three years I went to Jerusalem to see Keepa [Peter,] and I remained with him fifteen days. 19. The other apostles I did not see, however, except James, [one of the] brethren of our Maryah. 20. About these things that I write you then, behold, before Allaha, I do not lie. 21. And after these, I went to the Corinthians of Syria and Cilicia. 22. And the churches in Judea, [who were believers] in the Messiah, who did not know me face to face. 23. Except they heard this alone that the one who persecuted us, now behold, he proffers the faith [in the Kingdom, the faith] that he used to tear down in the past.* 24. And they glorified Allaha for having me.* 

Footnotes: *1:1. 1 Literal Aramaic (Aramaic) expression: “By the hand of the human being.” -- *1. 1. 2 Aramaic: “House of the dead.” -- *1:4 Aramaic expression: “Gave his soul.” -- *1:5 “To [the end of] the universe.” -- *1:6 Figure of speech: “Hope.” -- *1:7 Figure of speech: “Hope,” or message of the Messiah. -- *1:8 Figure of speech: “Hope.” -- *1:10 Figure of speech: “Allow.” -- *1:23 Aramaic expression: “From old season.” -- *1:24 “And they glorified by me to Allaha.”

Galatians 2