Funding a Church Not Made with Hands

Eashoa was hungry and thirsty after the forty days' fast in the wilderness. Satan's first temptation was, "If you are Bara d'Allaha (Son of God,) ask these stones to turn into bread."

Eashoa replied and said, "It is not by bread alone that a human being lives, but by every word that issues from the mouth of Allaha."

Satan didn't ask Eashoa to get a job and buy the bread; Satan knew that Eashoa had the power to turn stones into bread. Eashoa's answer was remarkable because working or having money doesn't always buy bread. It's up to Allaha whether somebody gets to eat or not.

When the woman anointed the feet of Eashoa with perfume, Judah Iscariot said to Eashoa, "We could have fed one hundred poor people with that money!"

Eashoa said to him, "Let her be, it's as though she has anointed me for burial -- you will always have the poor with you, me you'll only have for a short while -- what she did will be commemorated forever."

It doesn't matter if we don't have the money to help the poor; Maryah (the Lord) can always take care of the poor (a human being doesn't live by bread alone). We seek funds to do this and that, but it's up to Maryah how the Church gets the funding to do the work of preaching the Gospel. Sometimes it's done with little, other times with nothing. It's all up to Him. He always provides at the right time.

Dec. 28, 2013

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