Ephesians 5

1. Therefore, you shall appear* to Allaha as beloved children. 2. And go forth in love, just as the Messiah loved us and delivered himself on our behalf, an offering and sacrifice to Allaha, a healing balm.*

3. Fornication, however, and every demonic act and sorcery, shall not even be heard of among you,* which is appropriate for saints. 4. And neither cussing, nor threatening or outrageous words, or unnecessary insults, except instead of these let there be homage. 5. This then you shall know, that every human being who is a fornicator or an evildoer, or a sorcerer who builds idols, they will have no inheritance in the Kingdom of the Messiah and of Allaha. 6. So as no human being shall lead you to oblivion with empty words. Because of these things there came the wrath of Allaha over the children of rebellion.* 7. Therefore, do not associate with them. 8. For you were before in darkness. Now, however, you are the light of our Maryah. Proceed therefore like children of the Light. 9. For the fruit of the Light are in all that blessedness, saintliness and earnestness. 10. And you shall choose what is beautiful before our Maryah. 11. And you shall not associate yourselves with the slaves of darkness, who possess no fruit, except you shall show them. 12. For what they do in secret, is too unseemly even to be discussed. 13. For everything is exposed by the light and is revealed, and everything that is revealed is light. 14. Because of this [Scripture] says, “Reawaken, O sleeper, and rise from the dead, let the Messiah shed His light upon you.” 

15. Look where you are going with awareness, not like fools, except like wise people, 16. That buy their daily piece of bread,* because these are evil days. 17. Because of this, do not be lacking in judgment, except learn what is the will of Allaha. 18. And do not be drunk with the wine of the prodigal,* except be mature in spirit, 19. Speak between each other in Psalms and praises, and sing in your hearts through spiritual songs to Maryah. 20. And in every season confess on behalf of every human being, in the name of Maran Eashoa Msheekha to Allaha the Father. 

21. And be devoted one to another in the love of the Messiah. 22. Women, be devoted to your husbands as to our Maryah. 23. Because man is the head of the wife, just as the Messiah is the head of the Church, and thus they are the caretakers* of the body. 24. Except, just as the Church is devoted to the Messiah, likewise the women shall be devoted to their husbands in everything. 25. Husbands, love your women, just as the Messiah loved His Congregation and He delivered himself on their behalf,* 26. To bless and cleanse [the Congregation] by showering her with the Waters and the Manifestation, 27. And so that they shall raise the Church to Him in praise, and that there shall be no fornication and no lies* in it, and nothing that resembles these, except that it shall be holy with no false oaths. 28. Thus it is the duty of men to love their women like they do their own bodies. For whoever loves his wife, he is loving his own self. 29. For no human being could ever hate their own body, except they satisfy it and accommodate it, likewise also the Messiah does for His Congregation. 30. Because we are members of His body and of His flesh and of His bones. 31. Because of that a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they both become one flesh. 32. This is by Almighty design.* Speaking of the Messiah and His Church. 33. Therefore, you also, each one of you [who is married,] should be gracious to his wife like unto himself, the wife then submits to her husband. 

Footnotes: *5:1 “Resemble by Allaha.” -- *5:2 Literal expression: “For smell sweet, healing-fulfilling.” -- *5:3 Literal expression: “Shall not be famed in fame by you.” -- *5:6 “Non-adherents.” -- *5:16 Figure of speech: “Piece [of bread,]” or “Vitally crucial sustenance,” a reference to someone who eats another person's last crust of bread. The word “devil” is based on this. -- *5:18 Aramaic expression retained: “Demand your share ahead of others.” -- *5:23 “Revivers,” “saviors.” -- *5:25 Literal Reference to Church as “Congregation.” In these passages, “Church” and “Congregation” are interchangeable. -- *5:27 Literal expression: “No chips and no knots.” -- *5:32 Literal expression: “Great sermon.”

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