Competing Forces of American Religions

There many forces pulling Christianity apart in America.

There are other competing forces, but these are the main ones. What facilitates all these groups is the proliferation of Bible versions and contradictory interpretations. Every one of these groups has a valid point of view, based on scholarship, archeology or science. It is impossible to argue against all of them at the same time, so there is no way for any group to come out on top. The end result is chaos ameliorated by freedom of religion.

In response against all this I have come up with the Ancient Aramaic Church, which, as I have explained, is simply the acceptance of what one Church produced in terms of a compilation of the Scriptures from the time of the Apostles. This acceptance must be made on faith, because there is not enough time in the world to debate all the above groups mentioned. I will, however, give you a clear example of why my translation is genuine. 'Eil' (alap-yod-lammad) -- why did not anyone translate the name of the Creator of the Universe correctly?

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