The Body and the Blood of Eashoa

This audio file covers Mark 14:22 and Mark 14:24. The transliteration of the two Ancient Aramaic Texts are highlighted in green.

This is the transliteration of Mark 14:22 -- only the invocation:

se-woo, ha-nah e-too-hee pagh-ri

"Take, this is my body."

During the Last Supper, Jesus asked his disciples to eat his body. To eat someone's body is an Aramaic expression which means to accept sustenance and avert starvation as a result of someone else's sacrifice, as is the custom in the celebration of Passover; someone sacrifices a ram for everyone to eat and be sustained. Jesus was asking the disciples to accept his sacrifice, as he was the Bread of Life that would sustain them forever.

This is the transliteration of Mark 14:24 -- only the invocation.

han-noo dim-mi, d'dia-tee-qeh kha-tha, d-khlap saj-jayeh mith-ash-shid.

"This is my blood, of the new covenant, that on behalf of many will be shed."

Jesus also asked his disciples to drink his blood. To drink someone's blood is an Aramaic expression which means to take responsibility for someone's death. Jesus was really asking his disciples again to accept his sacrifice on their behalf.

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