Paul's Letter to the Colossians

Colossians 1

1. I, Paul, the apostle of Eashoa Msheekha by the will of Allaha, and brother Timothy, 2. To those who are in Colossae, holy and true brethren through the Faith in Eashoa Msheekha, peace be with you and the grace of Allaha our Father. 

3. We confess in every season to Allaha Father of Maran Eashoa Msheekha, and we pray on our knees over you, 4. Behold, ever since we heard of your Faith in Eashoa Msheekha, and your love for all the saints, 5. Because the Hope Who guards you in heaven, Whom you heard from time of old through the earnestness of that Hope's manifestation, 6. That [Spirit] of Whom I preach to you, as I did to the whole world, and [that Spirit] grew [in you] and bore fruit, whereas from the day that you heard and proclaimed the grace of Allaha in earnest by yourselves also, 7. As you learned from our beloved Apaphras, who is on your behalf the Messiah's faithful servant, 8. And he declared to us your love of the Spirit. 

9. Because of that, from the day that we heard, we did not cease praying over you, and to ask that you be filled with the knowledge of Allaha's will, in all wisdom and all edification of the Spirit, 10. So that you may proceed according to His blessings* and that you may praise Allaha for all the good deeds, and bear fruit, and be nurtured in the knowledge of Allaha. 11. And by all the power that you are endowed* according to the magnificence of His glory, through all Hope and endowment* of the Spirit, with joy, 12. Confess Allaha the Father, who considered us worthy enough of the inheritance of the saints by enlightening us, 13. And He saved us from the powers of darkness and brought us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son, 14. Through Whom we have salvation and the forgiveness of sins, 15. He Who was in the likeness of the invisible Allaha and the heir of all creation, 16. And by Him are nurtured all there is in heaven and on earth, all that can be seen and all that cannot be seen, whether domains or lordships, whether thrones or authorities, everything was created by His hand and by Him. 17. And He was before all and everything is supported by Him,* 18. And He is the head of the Church, Who became the head and first born from the house of the dead,* so as He may be before all of them. 19. So that all rule is willed by Him. 20. And by His hand He shepherds everything, and He marked us with the blood of His hands, whether on earth or in heaven.

21. Also those of you who were in olden times but strangers and enemies in your outlook, because of your evil doing, He marks you, 22. By the body of his flesh and his death, so that He may raise you before Him as saints, without commitment* or awareness on your part, 23. If you hold fast to your Faith, as your foundation is true, and if you are not shaken from the Revelation of His Kingdom* that which you heard preached in all creation below the sky, of Whom I, Paul, am a servant. 24. And I celebrate the sorrows I endured on your behalf and complement what I lack in the flesh with respect to the Messiah's suffering on behalf of his body which is the Church. 25. She that I serve according to the authority* given to me by Allaha among you, to complement the Manifestation of Allaha, 26. That Sermon that was hidden from eternity,* for centuries, now then to be revealed to His saints, 27. To those whom Allaha wished it to be revealed as to whom is endowed by the richness of that glorious Sermon, who are here now among the nations, so as the Messiah who is in you should be the hope of our glory, 28. He Whom we preach and teach and educate every human being about with all wisdom, so as [that knowledge] should grow in every human being as they mature in Eashoa Msheekha. 29. For in this endeavor I work and wrestle, with the help of the power He has given me. 

Footnotes: *1:10 “Sanctification.” -- *1:11 Literal expression: “By every power you are empowered.” -- *1:17 Literal expression: “By Him stands.” -- *1:18 Aramaic retained: “From the dead.” -- *1:22 “Oaths.” -- *1:23 Aramaic word: “Awen-ga-lee-yoon.” -- *1:25 Figure of speech: “Leadership.” -- *1:26 Figure of speech: “Universes.”

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