Book of Catechisms Ancient Church of the East

Awarded to Vic Alexander in 1953 by Qasha Goriel

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[Vic Alexander Bible translator 1953]

Qasha Goriel, Church of the East priest, awarding Book of Catechisms to the translator at age 10. This is the same book depicted in the video posted above. Qasha Goriel went on to become a bishop. The catechisms were presented in two dialects of the Aramaic language, the Ancient and the modern. They are two thousand years apart. We had to learn the ancient form of the language at school. The Scriptures were never translated from the Ancient Aramaic to the modern Aramaic vernacular. They remain so to this day. Modern Aramaic did not retain the vast vocabulary of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures written over thousands of years ago.

Uploaded Oct. 25, 2013
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