Acts of the Apostles

Acts 12

1. In those days, they were arresting the church members, as Herod who was named Aggripa, was persecuting them.*
2. And he killed by the sword James the brother of John.
3. And as he saw that it was pleasing to the Judeans, he went further and had Simon Keepa [Peter] arrested as well. And the days of the Unleavened Bread [feast] were approaching.
4. And he took him and had him thrown in prison, and he delivered him to be guarded by sixteen soldiers, so that they would deliver him into the hands of the Judeans after the Passover.
5. And while Simon was being guarded in prison, a fervent prayer was offered on his behalf by the church.
6. And in that very day, at day break, he was supposed to be delivered; while Simon was tied by two chains, and the others guarded the prison gates.
7. The angel of Maryah stood over him, and a light shined throughout the house, and he touched his side and told him, "Get up quickly," and the chains dropped from his hands.
8. And the angel told him, "Gird your back and get into your sandals." And he did so. And again he told him, "Wear your coat and follow me."
9. And he went out and followed him, while he did not know that which was happening with the angel was really true. For he expected that it was a vision he was seeing.
10. And they passed the first guard post and the second one; they came to the iron gate and it opened up to them all by itself, and as they went out and passed one street, the angel disappeared.
11. Then Simon came to realize it, and he said, "Now I truly know that Maryah sent the angel and released me from the hand of King Herod, and from what the Judeans had planned against me."
12. And as he understood this, he came to the house of Mary, mother of John, [who became known as Mark,] because there were many brethren gathered there to pray.
13. And he knocked on the courtyard door, and a little girl, whose name was Rhoda, came out to see who it was.
14. And she recognized Simon's voice, and in her happiness she did not open the door to him, except she returned to them running and told them, "Behold, Simon is standing outside the courtyard door."
15. They told her, "You are simply shocked." She repeated, "It is so!" They said to her, "Perhaps he is an angel!"
16. And Simon knocked on the door, and they went out and saw him and were astounded.
17. And he indicated with his hand as [for them] to be quiet, and he entered and related to them how Maryah released him from prison, and he told them, "Relate these to James and our brethren." And he went out and left to another country.
18. And at daybreak, there was a great uproar among the soldiers over Simon, as to what happened to him.
19. Herod, as he wanted him and could not find him, condemned the guards and ordered their death. And he went out of Judea and took up [residence] in Caesarea.

20. Because he was angry with Tyre and Sidon, [the people] got together and came to him as one and asked for permission of Blastus, the king's spokesman, and asked him for peace, because the allotment for their country was from the kingship of Herod.
21. On a holiday, Herod wore the clothes of kingship and sat on the podium, and he spoke with the crowd.
22. The people then all cried out and said, "These are the endowments of Allaha's voice, and not of human beings."
23. And in exchange for not giving the glory to Allaha, in that very hour the angel of Maryah struck him and he was infested with worms and died.
24. And the hope of Allaha's kingdom was preached and it grew.

25. Barnabas and Saul then returned from Jerusalem to Antioch, after they completed their ministry, and they brought with them John, who had become known as Mark.

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*12:1 Lit. Ar. idiomatic construction: "In that season, however, they threw hands on the church people so as Herod known as Aggripa [could subject them] to evil."
*12:15 Lit. Ar. expression: "Shock has shook you."