Why should we know the true story about Maran Eashoa Msheekha?

It's because this story has never been told according to the Disciples and Apostles of Eashoa Msheekha.

We don't know who these disciples were, where they went, and what happened to them. We only hear of Peter and his keys -- the keys to heaven and hell. I don't think there are many people who know what that means. One can understand the 'key to heaven' but what about the 'key to hell'? What is that all about?

And in the Bible it doesn't say anything about what Peter may have done with those keys. Anyway, the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people dying in the Middle East who are being killed because they are 'Christians.' These people had lived in the Middle East before there were all these countries divided up according to their mineral wealth.

As Islam rose in the 7th Century and the last European nations adopted Roman Catholicism by the 10th Century, there was a clash of two major religions: Christianity and Islam. Judaism was very small at this point; most of the Jews lived in Europe during the Middle Ages. They had migrated there because of better conditions (just as people come to America today.) And Eastern Christianity survived by not speaking openly or coherently about the fact that Eashoa Msheekha was Maryah Allaha's Milta (or the Manifestation of the Living God, in the English parlance.) Such highfalutin ideas would've gotten all the Eastern Christians killed a thousand years ago. However, by not speaking of such things and following the ancient form of the Aramaic language, they survived. That day is gone; now all the followers of Eashoa Msheekha are called 'Nussrani' (Nazarenes) in Arabic and they are being systematically wiped out from the oil-rich Middle East -- for the sake of oil and for the sake of just doing business.

Besides there are other pressing issues that supercede the language that Eashoa Msheekha spoke, His teachings, and the truth about who He was. He said many times, 'In-nah nah' --  meaning 'I AM I' -- which is His affirmation of His being the Milta of Maryah Allaha. But, there are such desolating events going on right now: fascist uprisings in European cities, American journalists being beheaded, Assyrians being wiped out of the Middle East, Palestinians being victimized in the Near East, Christians being massacred by Muslim Extremists in Africa, Blacks being targeted by racists in America -- all kinds of people being killed all over the world. The news is full of these stories everyday, and nobody knows really how many people are suffering as a result of the lies told about them -- ultimately it's all about lies, because all people regardless of race or creed want to live at peace and protect their children.

There is no human being responsible for all the atrocities committed in the world. So maybe this is not the time to tell the truth about Maran Eashoa Msheekha. There are very few people who care about theology at such a time in history.

On the other hand, maybe this is the best time to tell the story of Eashoa Msheekha. When Eashoa performed His miracles, sometimes He would ask the people that He healed not to tell others.

It is our responsibility as followers of Maran Eashoa Msheekha to tell the story for the sake of future generations, to preserve the knowledge of the Scriptures which Eashoa read from when He walked the earth and to pass on His teachings to future generations of believers in His Name.

July 10, 2015

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