What if you knew the language that Eashoa spoke 2000 years ago but you did not agree on the interpretation of the Scriptures?

In fact, the Scribes and Pharisees did not disagree with Eashoa based on which language the Scriptures were recorded (it was Ancient Aramaic;) they disagreed on Eashoa being the Msheekha (the Messiah) prophesied by the Scriptures.

But today, some people wonder: which of the Bibles is more accurate or authentic? Most people believe that the Old Testament was originated in Hebrew and the New Testament was originated in Greek.

We recently saw the incident between the Pope and Prime Minister Netanyahu on television (here it is on Youtube,) where Netanyahu said to the Pope, 'Jesus spoke Hebrew.' And Pope Francis corrected him, 'Aramaic.' And Netanyahu shot back with, 'Yes, but he knew Hebrew.'

Why was Netanyahu hiding the fact that Eashoa spoke Aramaic? But before I answer that, more importantly, 'Why was the Pope hiding the fact that the New Testament was originated in Aramaic?' Because that is the language that Eashoa spoke. Alright, so Paul knew Greek; but what about the Gospel writers, why would they record the teachings of Eashoa Msheekha, and the corroborating facts of the Old Testament quoted in the New Testament, in Greek?

So the Pope knew that the Scriptures were originated in the Ancient Aramaic language and not in Greek; that is why he corrected Netanyahu. And Netanyahu also knew, since the Jewish liturgy is even to this day sung in Aramaic in all the synagogues, that the Ancient Aramaic was the language of all Scriptures.

But why do the Pope and the Prime Minister Netanyahu hide the reason that the Scriptures were originated in the Ancient Aramaic? Because they both have issues with the fact that the Bibles have been modified to hide the fact that the teachings and the identity of Eashoa Msheekha has been distorted by everybody, with the exception of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures that still preserve the authentic Scriptures in the language they were originated.

So what would happen if the truth was to become known that the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures were the authentic Scriptures? The ten thousand denominations of Christianity would claim that their interpretation of the Scriptures, that their Bibles, were more accurate. And, of course, other religions who are hateful toward Christianity would burn the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures. This in fact happened recently in Iraq. They found an ancient copy of the Scriptures and burned it. They also destroyed many other historical artifacts from ancient times, claiming these were idols.

But the real danger to the authentic Scriptures is not Netanyahu or the Pope -- they know the truth -- it is the Protestants who say that the Old Testament was originated in Hebrew and the New Testament was originated in Greek. The Protestants are the fly in the ointment.

April 27, 2015

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