The Trappings of Dogma

As Eashoa was baptized by John, He rose from the water and the voice was heard in heaven pronouncing the fulfillment of the Scriptures regarding Him: 'This is my beloved Son, by whom I am fulfilled.'

The baptism by water was only symbolic - because Eashoa did not need to have his 'sins washed away' - thus Eashoa said to John, (as John protested, 'You should be baptizing me and not I you'): 'Let it be, so as the Scriptures may be fulfilled.' But this was not so the Scriptures would have supremacy over Eashoa! On the contrary, this was to demonstrate that His authority was above the Scriptures, that the Scriptures - like everything else - were putty in His hands.

Then as soon as He was baptized by water, 'the spirit' led Him into the wilderness to experience the devil.

Why was Eashoa immediately subjected to the temptations of the devil, or in other words, the temptations of this world? Because the 'baptism by fire' was next and the essential step for living the spiritual life intended for every human in this world. 

Thus Eashoa opened up the path for His followers to follow. Life in this world is a series of challenges to be endured until 'the end.' Eashoa is the only one who makes it possible for His followers to deal with the obstacles of life.

And what were the three temptations of this world that Satan posed?

Eashoa was hungry and thirsty after 'the 40 day fast.' The devil said to Him, 'If you are the Son of Allaha, turn these rocks into bread.'

Satan was offering Eashoa an easy way out of hunger and thirst, without doing the natural work that is required for a human being to exist in this world. Eashoa replied and said, 'A human being does not live by bread alone, except by every word that issues from the mouth of Allaha.' In other words, physical reality and spiritual reality coexist in the life of a human being; spiritual reality is higher than physical reality, but the latter cannot be entirely ignored.

The second temptation was when the devil said to Eashoa, 'Throw yourself from this place and the angels will catch you so you won't even hurt your foot.' Sickness, accidents, and death are inevitable in this world; but what Maryah offers is a cessation of the natural conditions of this world at the 'end of the age' and He grants His children the eternal life without suffering.

Eashoa points out to Satan that these are only temptations; He is not going to succumb to them. A human being is supposed to deal with the hardships of this world.

Third, the devil shows Eashoa a view to the riches of this world and says that he will give Him everything if He bows down to him; but Eashoa says to Satan that a human being should only work for Maryah Allaha and worship Him.

The world offers a human being food, protection and wealth. Maryah Allaha knows that a human being needs all these; but not according to Satan's terms, except according to what Eashoa taught. The leaders of this world create the dogma that people must follow; however, Eashoa offers a spiritual baptism by which a human being can survive in this world and endure to the very end.

In all this, Satan was quoting the Scriptures to Eashoa. Satan was trying to tempt Eashoa with exercising the power that He had. Satan wanted Eashoa to falter; because as 'bar-nasha' or Son of Man, Eashoa was supposed to have the same weaknesses regarding the misapplication of the Law and the Prophets. However, Eashoa was not going to falter and declare His adherence to the dogma written by men, and become subservient to the dictates of the Scriptures as quoted by Satan. Eashoa wanted Satan to know that the Scriptures cannot put Him on trial and find Him guilty according to a certain interpretation of the Law; because the Scriptures were written to announce His Coming and the Mission He was to perform according to His divine power.

In the same way, we cannot translate the Scriptures into another language and impose man's interpretation on them. The Ancient Aramaic Scriptures in the language that Eashoa Msheekha read from and preached in are the only basis for the True Gospel to be preached by the followers of Eashoa Msheekha. The Greek and Latin Bibles, together with their translations, are not intended for the Children of Maryah. The revelations of Maran Eashoa Msheekha through the Holy Spirit are the only reliable source of teachings.

The inspiration of Maryah Allaha through Maran Eashoa Msheekha is above the knowledge or interpretation of men. No one should take issue with anything that is inspired by Maryah Allaha. Followers of Satan are always trying to pose arguments from the perspective of the false gospels translated by men who were seeking power and earthly wealth. And although the Scriptures are subject to interpretation by the followers of Eashoa Msheekha, they must be understood by the inspiration that He grants and not thorough research and human scholarship. The translation of the Scriptures, therefore, cannot be interpretive translations but correct with true equivalent words and, if necessary, with the addition of literal wordings in the footnotes to the translation.

Although the trappings of dogma create a certain aura of righteousness, and the old names common in the mistranslations from the Greek and Latin sound holy, there is a downside to all the traditions associated with these doctrines and names that have created a prejudice against the true faith in Maryah Allaha and Maran Eashoa Msheekha. These issues of the false Christian dogma need to be addressed if the followers of the True Gospels are to avoid being trapped in the rituals of their own making.

November 1, 2014

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