Origins of the Bible

I did a search on 'Google' for 'origins of the bible' and I found the following links on the fist page. If you read the descriptions on this page alone, you will find that all these articles are critical of the Bible. According to my own research, I have found that all these opinions about the Bible have to do with various efforts to mislead Christians into abandoning the Bible as a genuine belief system based on the teachings of Maran Eashoa Msheekha. The way that these detractors of Christianity have achieved their success stories is through the distortion of the language of the Scriptures. By presenting compelling arguments for the origins of the New Testament in the Greek language and the Old Testament in the Hebrew language, these detractors of Christianity have been able to construct a house of cards that the established religions have adopted as the truth. There is ample proof that the New Testament was originated in Greek and the Old Testament was originated in Hebrew, and there is no incontrovertible proof that the authentic Scriptures were originated in the Leeshana Ateeqah (Ancient Tongue) of the Ancient Church of the East from the Apostolic times -- except for the fact that the Scriptures from the Leeshana Ateeqah (Ancient Tongue, Ancient Aramaic, or Ashurit) actually make more sense and there are no contradictions in them. What appears to be contradictions in the Four Gospel accounts are in fact mistranslations from the Greek and Latin versions of the Bible. The whole basis for my translation is to reveal these mistranslations and point out the falsifications of the Scriptures.

June 29, 2014

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