The New Ecumenicism

It's not a question of one word here or there having been mistranslated, there are entire passages that have been falsified to create religious doctrines that were never intended by the writers of the Scriptures. These doctrines are so well entrenched that they have given rise to hundreds of faiths that can no longer be supported by organized religion; so they have splintered into non denominational churches.

To deal with this problem,  the mainline churches in America have circled the wagons, at the news that there are people who can read the original Scriptures, and fired at friends and foes alike, whoever comes to shed some light on the contentious doctrines jealously held by various churches.

The Catholic Church has offered a hand to rescue the Protestants from the confusion of doctrines by reminding them that there was once a man who was casting out demons and preaching in the name of Jesus and that the Disciples came and asked Jesus if they should stop the man, but Jesus said don't stop him because the man was not going to do them any harm as long as he wasn't against them. Pope Francis had this story read during his visit to America this year. The Pope forgave many people who had strayed from the main course and provided a channel for those other Christian churches to maintain their faith as best as they can.

Even the Orthodox Churches in America are now following the English language translations provided by the Christian religious establishment and they all claim that Christianity is based on the same Bible. They all read the Bible in their own language and sing it according to the liturgical compositions provided for them by their leaders.

The original Scriptures from which Eashoa Msheekha read from are now essentially unknown to them. They've all joined the American churches in declaring themselves all as Christians belonging to one 'Body of Christ.'

I don't think the doctrines of American Christianity are compatible with the original Scriptures and the teachings of Maran Eashoa Msheekha.

December 25, 2015

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