Miracle of Science!

If someone is healed of their sickness in this world -- as a result of prayer -- who did the healing? If a doctor treated a patient successfully, the doctor did the healing through his or her skill as a physician -- but, if it was as a result of prayer, then the doctor was an instrument of the miraculous healing.

How does one know who did the healing? If the doctor administered the medical treatment, how does the patient know if it was a miracle; that is, if the treatment did result in a cure?

Going back to the healings that Eashoa Msheekha performed, how did the people being healed and raised from the dead know that these benevolent acts were miracles? They saw it and felt it, so they knew who healed them. But what about the witnesses, how did they know if the healings were miracles and not some accident of nature -- or even a trick? Well, some of them didn't believe that Eashoa raised the dead. And, Eashoa did say that even if someone was to rise from the dead, they would not believe.

It is the same today; if someone is healed, only they know if it was a miracle. And it is important to believe that the miracle did happen, otherwise the healing might not be permanent. In such cases -- when the person that was healed did not believe in the miraculous power of Maryah -- the nagging suspicion persists: it was a miracle of science! A contradiction in terms, as secular science -- by definition -- does not believe in miracles.

There are some doctors, however, that know the miraculous power of Maryah and they do believe that miracles happen, and even if they are the instrument of the healing, they don't allow it to go to their heads. Such doctors are truly blessed.

June 28, 2015

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