The Invisible God and the Messiah with the Twelve Disciples

It is much easier to prove that God doesn't exist than Jesus doesn't exist. Eashoa came to the world two thousand years ago and much has been written about the Messiah prophesied by the Scriptures and Eashoa appears even in secular histories of the time. There are those people that are incapable of perceiving the spiritual realm, and so they can't be expected to believe in a Creator that they cannot perceive in physical form. For the atheists then, all forms of religion that believe in a spiritual Creator are delusional. A cursory application of the scientific method can prove that God doesn't exist; but Eashoa Msheekha is another phenomenon: He appeared in person and started a mission with twelve disciples that has endured for two thousand years.

Today, the atheists in America have won the first battle, which they have fought for a hundred years: the battle to remove the name of Jesus from the public record and relegate the name of God to a term of religious freedom that doesn't distinguish between different faiths. It is merely a generic term now that must be tolerated for a while longer.

It is the second battle that is about to be engaged soon, and the first shots have already been fired, but the public at large has been oblivious to it. This second battle is to deny that Eashoa Msheekha was the Messiah prophesied by the Scriptures. Most people would say that this is not the case, that the Jews already claimed that Eashoa was not the Msheekha two thousand years ago. However, that is different: they had seen Eashoa in person and they had seen the Romans crucify the Messiah with the Twelve Disciples.

No, this is today, the Internet has opened up the floodgates: the number of people claiming to know what Jesus said, what he did, and who he was, is now astronomical. The number of people claiming their own personal vision regarding Jesus by far exceeds the number of atheists who merely deny that God exists. It's much easier now to prove that God doesn't exist; how is anyone to prove that Jesus doesn't exist with millions of opinions posted on the Internet regarding Jesus -- whatever the subject or the point of view may be, whether they accept Jesus or deny Jesus. It's a lot safer to just say, 'God bless you and God bless America.' Why bring up Jesus, it just makes things so much more complicated. For one thing, with Jesus there is the question of 'what would Jesus do?' So then, the subject of morality gets in the way -- people with personal interests don't want that, because the issues of justice and recompense cannot be honestly entertained, which puts a damper on things.

The commandments of an invisible God can be modified or completely ignored; but the commandments of Eashoa Msheekha who came in the flesh two thousand years ago cannot be ignored, because they offer real solutions to all the problems humanity faces.

The atheists cannot deny that Eashoa exists, so they must put out millions of contradictory translations and interpretations of the Scriptures. This is where my translation of the Scriptures comes in: one source, the Ancient Church of the East Scriptures preserved in hundreds of dialects of the Ancient Aramaic language, identical except for some minor variations in the scripts - but not the actual letters or the words - recorded from the time of Eashoa Msheekha and passed on through the hands of Maryah's apostles, often at the cost of their lives -- to this day.

November 29, 2014

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