In Western Civilization Debate Decides Everything

In America debate determines the outcome of everything: who gets elected, the laws to be legislated, the rules to be enforced, and the sentence of the convicted. Everything is debated.

Why must everything be decided by debate?

Modern debate was developed by Socrates, the Greek philosopher who taught Plato, who taught Aristotle. These pre-Christian era Greek philosophers set the rules for logic and debate. Although the Greeks were polytheistic, the Greek philosophers were essentially atheists. Today, the whole Western university system follows the Greek philosophers, as most scientists adopted the Greek philosophers' methodology. Western cultures went on to base their laws and even religions on atheist philosophic principles. That is why the highest levels of learning in any field are designated as PhD, which stands for 'Doctor of Philosophy.'

Eashoa never recognized Socrates or any of the other pagan philosophers of Greek and Roman empires. He is completely silent about them. One would assume that the Apostle Paul would praise Greek and Roman civilizations, as he is supposedly to have written his Epistles in Greek and was a Roman citizen. And if the whole New Testament was originated in the Greek language, surely one of the writers of the Gospels would have said something about the Greek language or the contribution of Greek civilization toward the knowledge of the Scriptures.

It follows then that Western universities debate the existence of God and ridicule the Bible.

When Eashoa (Jesus) came, He didn't once speak of the Greek philosophers, the Roman civilization, cultures or their laws. He said, "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar." He did not want any part of it. He added, "And Give to Allaha what belongs to Allaha." Some people have twisted this to mean that Eashoa was asking the people to tithe. What belongs to Allaha is the glory and the adherence to the teachings of His Son; it was not about money or power.

The Greek philosophers also gave Western Civilization 'Democracy.'

Democracy is nothing more than the logical rule of people based on what they deem fit, and the way they decide what to be the rule of law is debated and debated, until the right side wins the argument; but laws can change, and it takes debate, again, to reach different formulations or different rules altogether -- even the opposite of what was decided before can become the new law.

This flip-flopping of laws we see even in our modern times.

With Maryah, however, it is not debate but testimony that matters the most. The belief in Maryah is the beginning of wisdom. The adherence to His teachings is the way to eternal life.

With Maryah, there is no debate. He gives one commandment, to love one another the way He loved us. This is to His children, those that follow Him to the very end of their life in this world.

December 4, 2015

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