Conflict of Interest

The American churches deny the authenticity of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures and the Ancient Church of the East by stating that the New Testament was originated in Greek and the Old Testament in Hebrew. They have held on to this lie for two hundred years, so it is conflict of interest that prevents them from considering my translation of the words of Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah) recorded in the Ancient Aramaic language.

Moreover, American Christianity is based on fundamentally distorted doctrines. Their misinterpretation of the teachings of Eashoa Msheekha center around four major issues.

(1) The distortion of Eashoa Msheekha's Allahoota (Godhood) by misrepresenting 'the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost' as three separate persona of the Trinity.

(2) Disconnecting the Old Testament from the New Testament by hiding the name of Eil from their congregations, by not translating the name of Eil correctly in Genesis chapter 17 verse 1 and Mark 15:34.

(3) Denying that Eashoa Msheekha is the Milta of Allaha and reducing Him to a lower status as the 'Word.'

(4) Preaching that 'we are justified by faith and not by works,' when they do not represent the true faith in Eashoa Msheekha, but have divided the Church of Maryah into ten thousand denominations and sects, each with their own erroneous interpretations of the Scriptures.

The Scribes and Pharisees of Jerusalem wanted to put Eashoa ('Jesus') to the test -- they were the established religious authority and Eashoa had not come to them first to seek validation as the Msheekha ('Messiah') prophesied by the Scriptures. But by coming to Him and asking him the following question, they had a conflict of interest since they were supposed to be the authority and, therefore, they should not have asked Him any questions -- the way the 'Christians' of today ignore the presence of the Apostolic Churches (which is much worse.)

Matthew 22:34. The Pharisees ('Pree-sheh' or 'the Chosen.') then ... came together as one. 35. And one of them who knew the Law asked -- so as to test him, 36. “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?” 37. Eashoa then answered him, “That you love your Maryah Allaha ('Lord God') with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind. 38. “This is the greatest and first commandment. 39. “And the second, which is like it, that you love your best friend as yourself. 40. “By these two commandments hang the Law and the Prophets.”

In the same way, when someone asks if this is the authentic Scriptures and they believe that the New Testament was originated in Greek, they have a conflict of interest with respect to their own belief system. Why are they asking, when they cannot accept the truth?

41. Since the Pharisees were gathered, Eashoa asked them, 42. And said, “What do you say about the Msheekha (the Anointed One)? Whose son is he?” They said, “The son of David.” 43. He said to them, “And how then did David call him by the Spirit 'Maryah'? For he said, 44. “That 'Maryah said to my Maryah, sit from my right, while I set your enemies under your feet.' 45. “If thus David calls him 'Maryah,' how could he be his son?” 46. And no human being was found who could give him an explanation, and no human being from that day on dared questioning him again.

From the beginning of the Old Testament, the word 'Maryah' (Lord) was used to represent the 'Milta' (Manifestation) of Allaha (God.) So every time that Allaha (God) communicated with human beings, from Adam and Eve to Noah, from Abraham to Jacob, from Moses to the last prophet of the Old Testament, it was Maryah who communicated to them. It was not 'the Father' who communicated to them, but the Milta of Allaha (the Manifestation of God.) Because Allaha's Word (God's Word) is communicated through the Milta (Manifestation) of Allahoota (Godhood.) In other words, Allaha speaks through the Milta as Maryah (the Lord.)

When Eashoa came to the world He introduced Himself as the 'Son of Man' at first, but then He showed Himself to His Disciples and Apostles as the Milta of Allaha (the Manifestation of God.) All this is lost through the Greek language as interpreted through Latin and the rest of the translations of the Western Bibles.

Conflict of interest prevents the Western churches from understanding the words of Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah) because the doctrines of the true faith in Maran Eashoa Msheekha. This is what the AAC is all about; to break through the conflict of interest created by the stalemate situation of Western Christianity.

The AAC's goal is to clarify who Eashoa Msheekha is; He is the Milta of Allaha (the Manifestation of God), not just the 'Word.' To understand Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah), one must understand the concept of Allahoota (Godhood.) Eashoa Msheekha is the Milta of Allahoota (Godhood.) He appeared at first as the 'Son of Man', then showed Himself through His Mission as the 'Son of Allaha' (Son of God.) At last He showed Himself as the 'Milta' of Allaha -- to those that wish to know Him.

Pride, prejudice, ambition, arrogance and hypocrisy prevent most people from seeing Eashoa Msheekha as the Milta of Eil. He did not come to the world to die; He came to bring everlasting life to those who recognize Him. Yes, He sacrificed Himself for humanity, but He wants humanity to cherish and celebrate the gifts that He gave them.

There should be no conflict of interest when you follow Eashoa Msheekha and become part of the Apostolic Church that He built for His children spiritually -- a Church Not Made With Hands, but a Church that teaches His Words spoken by Him and recorded by His Apostles. The AAC is the new Apostolic Church in America.

April 26, 2015

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