The Birth of Eashoa Msheekha and the Western Prejudice

For two thousand years the world has celebrated the birth of Eashoa Msheekha. The first thousand years His birthday was celebrated in the East as Maran Eashoa Msheekha. At the start of the second Millennium the name gradually changed to Yesus Christos or Jesus Christ, from the Greek language, and then subsequently from the Latin and European languages; the name Eashoa Msheekha was no longer used. When Islam came after the 7th Century AD, the original Aramaic names helped the followers of Eashoa Msheekha survive in the Middle East, which was almost completely taken over by the Islamic religion. Muslims understood that those who called their Maryah 'Eashoa Msheekha' were not their enemy, and the Westerners during the Dark Ages increasingly posed as the enemies of Islam, were at war with Islam, and their use of the names Jesus Christ and God identified them as their enemies.

In the Middle of the 19th Century, the Allies sought contact with the Church of the East descendants of the Ashurai and Chaldean peoples of antiquity, when they found out that these followers of Eashoa Msheekha had maintained the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures in their own dialects of the original language that Eashoa spoke, and they found out, lo and behold, these Scriptures were very similar to the English Bibles; so the Allies were left in a quandary. The names were different, but the Bibles were nearly the same -- as impossible as it seemed. They couldn't very well reject the Easterners with their Aramaic Bibles, but they couldn't accept their Bibles as being equivalent to theirs either; so the Western Missionaries, led by the American Protestants, decided to obliterate the Scriptures of the Church of the East. Deep down they knew these Scriptures were more genuine than their Bibles; it was out of pride and jealousy that they did it. They saw Easterners as primitive and ignorant.

First, they began calling them 'Christians', then they imposed on them their terminology with its inherent false doctrines built on centuries of politically motivated distortions of the Scriptures. Oil resources of the Middle East were the biggest factor -- but their real motive had to be suppressed, otherwise the cat would be out of the bag, so to speak.

As it happened the Westerners took a Church that had lived with the Muslims in relative peace for fourteen centuries and turned it into a target for Muslims by offering these Aramaic speaking people a role in fighting the Muslim Ottoman Empire and its Axis Allies in the West.

The Aramaic speaking people fought as an Ally throughout the First World War but the Allies denied their promises and gave the countries to the Muslims. Perhaps they figured they could exploit the Muslims without any moral compunctions.

However, the Allies continued to exploit the Aramaic speaking people, and now that the remnant of these people have lost everything in their homeland, (what was left of it after the Allies partitioned it between themselves after the 1st World War,) they are denying even the memory of these people's original faith and their Ancient Aramaic Scriptures.

A hundred years after the Second World War the situation has remained the same. However, the Ancient Church of the East has not disappeared; in fact, it has become even more felt and it is being revealed through a new generation of believers in Maryah. As the oil resources of the Middle East dwindle and the reliance on oil continues to decrease, it is almost unnecessary to sacrifice more believers for the sake of oil -- to the point where even admitting their existence is counterproductive, and even the Muslims are becoming aware of the scam.

Now that there is nothing left for which to exploit the Aramaic speaking people, the West can forget about them. As for the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, there is no point in even admitting they exist. The terrorists recently burned down all the Scriptures they found in Iraq and the proponents of the 'Greek Original' did not even react.

So there is no need to reject the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, as practically no one in the West believes in them. Moreover, the false gospels of the Western Churches themselves are under attack from the atheists within their own cultures, and the Left Hand of Allaha is in motion -- no one will escape the great harvest.

The Ancient Aramaic Scriptures may have gone underground, but they are still written in the hearts of the Children of Maryah. They will resurface in the 3rd Millennium on the day of the 2nd Jubilee.

Although the original contention had been over the origins of the Bible, today there are fewer and fewer people who care what the real Scriptures say. The Digital Age has thoroughly scrambled the information regarding the origins of the Scriptures; now even the linguists don't know which is which. This is how Maryah protects the Scriptures from discovery and annihilation.

Mercifully, we can still celebrate the birth of Eashoa Msheekha superficially in outward appearance but meaningfully with inner conviction. It is not about commerce and fame anymore, but genuine faith in Maryah Allaha. Have a Happy New Year. Sing Auld Lang Syne and rejoice with the New Born King, but don't forget Maran Eashoa Msheekha is the Beginning and the End. He is the Ummano-Eil (Emanuel) or 'Eil is with Us.' The revelations of the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures will remain forever.

December 26, 2014 - posted January 1, 2015

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