To Eat His Body and Drink His Blood

It took beheadings to expose Christianity's betrayal of Eashoa Msheekha.

At first the beheadings were retaliations against the enemies of dispossessed Arabs. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi were blown to bits by bombings in the first decade of the Second Millennium when the US attacked Saddam Hussein and removed him from power. The Iraqis had no way of fighting against the US. They waited until the US foreign policy began removing other Arab dictators from power. When the US went after the President of Syria, the dispossessed Arabs of Iraq and Syria seized the opportunity of attacking the unprotected regions of Syria and Iraq and taking them over. The movement began with the practice of taking hostages.

The beheadings began with the captured individuals in Syria, those whom were suspected of sympathies toward the US interests. The US media quickly labeled the perpetrators as terrorists. Since they flew a black flag with the words 'Allahu Akbar Mohammad Rasool Allah' written on it, the assumption was that these were Islamic Terrorists, Radical Islam, or Islamic Extremists.

The US was quick to point out that they were not to be called only 'Islamic,' nor 'Muslims.' So the American media came up with the explanation that 'Islam means Peace.' But they failed to point out that 'Islam' means the 'Peace that follows Submission'; Islam is the submission to the Will of Allah.

Soon every dispossessed Arab in Iraq and Syria joined the movement now known in the West by its initials, which refer to Iraq and Syria, with 'Islamic' attached to it; but the movement is now being joined by everyone who has been dispossessed by 'imperialism', so that it is mushrooming into a ubiquitous rebellion of endless proportions.

The US has managed to protect itself against the movement by not reacting to the beheadings, except for statements of dismay by the Administration. As a result, emboldened by the lack of response, the movement has been also joined by the murderers and rapists who have been killing innocent people of all minorities in all regions of the world. And since the movement has no clear ideology, all atrocities committed by the dispossessed militants from anywhere and their supporters have become part of the movement, which has now grown to epidemic proportions.

It has been theorized that this guerilla war being waged by the dispossessed is not going to end soon; and that is true, as it had to be admitted 'we can't kill 'em all.'

Except now the war against the 'imperialists' has been enjoined by a few thousand Americans and Europeans who feel dispossessed and discriminated against by the West and by the phony Christians. So now even the Eastern followers of the Messiah are being targeted by the dispossessed militants. All such people with a beef against the West can now fly the black flag of the dispossessed militants of Iraq and Syria to justify whatever atrocity they decide to commit.

Ironically, this nightmarish reality has exposed the betrayal of the followers of Eashoa Msheekha by the so-called 'Christians' in the West. Not only they will not do anything about the genocide against the genuine followers of Eashoa Msheekha; they will even exploit the situation for their own gain.

Before He was betrayed by Judah Iscariot, Eashoa said to His Disciples, 'You shall all betray me tonight.' However, that was necessary because Eashoa was destined to sacrifice Himself on behalf of His followers. And, indeed, even today, the betrayal of Eashoa Msheekha is the beginning of the process for the repentance of Christians in the West, some of whom are in denial as to what is happening with the persecution of the Eastern followers of Eashoa Msheekha.

And then there are other well-meaning Christians, who are still asleep in their Garden of Gethsemane, while the martyrs of the Faith in His Name are shedding tears of blood. Hopefully a few Christians will wake up from their slumber and mumble a few words of repentance, open their mouths and beg for forgiveness before they all perish with their lamps extinguished and the oil run dry.

There is no more need for 'boots on the ground.' They should save the boots and spare those who wish to trample with them on the dead sands from two thousand years ago.

Finally the path is clear for Western Christianity to rediscover the Faith of the Apostles. Everyone was destined to betray Eashoa Msheekha.

Will 'Christians' accept the Blood of Eashoa Msheekha spilled on their behalf? Will they accept the Body of Eashoa Msheekha broken on their behalf?

To Eat His Body and Drink His Blood means confessing one's sins and accepting the grace of Eashoa Msheekha and joining the New Covenant in His Name.

April 23, 2015

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