There are two types of Anti-Semitism Today

There is the Anti-Semitism that is directed at the Jews of Jerusalem two thousand years ago, who were the leaders of the Sanhedrin at the time of Eashoa (Jesus). And there is the Anti-Semitism that is directed at the followers of Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah) for being Middle Eastern. Both objects of Anti-Semitism are Semites, but the first group suffered the genocide during WW II (and there is nothing more horrible than thinking of them as the killers of Jesus), and the second group is hated because they are Middle Easterners that are perceived as the enemies of Israel and the cause for making the Middle East into a "tinder box." It is a fine pickle to be in for those people who just want to know if the translation on this website is authentic.

Both of these Anti-Semitic biases belong to the so-called White Race, (also Fascists, Arians, White Supremacists, Nazis, and racists in general.)

One can say, "God is Love" and "Jesus loves everybody," but until we look into the eye of the matter we are not aware of the splinter in the eye.

The problem is the adoption of the Greek perspective of the Scriptures. Ironically, modern Judaism follows the Septuagint, which supposedly are the oldest manuscripts found (even though the Dead Sea Scrolls are older and are recorded in old Aramaic, but they have been found to be in various stages of modification.) And the Greek New Testament is Anti-Semitic by its very basis for the terminology, which has given rise to the hatred for the Ancient Aramaic language and the name of Eashoa and Allaha.

Where can these forms of Anti-Semitism be discerned? In a myriad of articles to be found on the Internet. Here is one: THE SEMITIC NEW TESTAMENT: THE PLOT TO REPLACE THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT (This article was removed from the Internet after I posted some of it here.) (But now they have reposted it with some revisions. The links are the same, so they work now.)

At first you might find this article convincing, and it is one of the best I have found on the Internet arguing the case for the Greek origin of the New Testament, but then you go to the home page of this website, and here is that page: Here you will find an example of the Anti-Semitism directed at both groups, the Jews and the Middle Easterners. (This was the website where the article appeared -- the entire website was taken down. It is a good thing that I quoted some of it. It was blatantly anti-Semitic. In addition, all the points it raised with respect to the Greek Primacy were fabrications.)


1) "The Hebrew Roots Movement is based upon the false premise that the original Gospels were written in Hebrew, or possibly Aramaic, and that the Greek New Testament is a mere translation of Hebrew or Aramaic originals."

2) The article then attacks the Hebrew Roots Movement: "The JSSR is a non-Christian, Jesus-Seminar type of institution which has connections with and sponsors seminars for various Messianic and Hebrew Roots ministries such as Moriel Ministries and Messengers of Messiah."

3) Then the articles identifies the Hebrew Roots Movement with a Kabbalist group.

4) Then the article goes back to attacking the Messianic movement. And then it attempts to falsely connect this movement to my translation project:

A number of Aramaic Bible organizations also link to James Trimm's Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism. One of these is the Ancient Aramaic New Testament website of Victor Alexander, who is also engaged in a project to translate the Aramaic New Testament into English. Mr. Alexander defends the Aramaic New Testament as the original scriptures:

"...the Catholic Latin version was a translation of the Greek, which is itself, by definition, a translation of the words of Jesus Christ spoken in ancient Aramaic. In contrast the Church of the East at least had the original ancient Aramaic Scriptures, hand copied without any changes from the original tongue.

"Judging by the thousands of idioms that only make complete sense in the Aramaic, there is no doubt as to the origin of the ancient Aramaic New Testament. The Church of the East ancient Aramaic New Testament is the original Gospel of Jesus Christ. All others are translations."

One rationale behind the Aramaic New Testament project is also a theme expressed by the Hebrew Roots ministries: i.e., the presumed anti-Semitism of the Gentile Church, in whose care has historically been entrusted the translation of the Scriptures:
"The project's relationship to larger themes or issues in the humanities is the renewed historical perspective this translation offers, an airing of the prejudicial considerations of the so-called 'Gentile' converts and the resulting jealousy and prejudice directed at the original Jewish Christians and their customs. Subsequently much of the alienation of the Jews in Europe owes to the continued emphasis on and the tangential interpretation of the Scriptures as God's gift to the "Gentiles," a totally erroneous concept if there ever was one. One need not go into all the ramifications of the constant repression against the Jews throughout history, based on strictly non-Scriptural misinterpretations of the European establishment, in order to see the humanitarian need for a non-prejudicial and therefore, by definition, authentic translation of the holy Scriptures."
Mr. Alexander intends to make a social statement through his Aramaic New Testament, which will mitigate the injustice suffered by Jewish people due to the alleged prejudices inherent in the Greek New Testament. Apparently he plans to document within his translation the "clear and systematic mistranslating" which has prejudiced Christians against Jews "from the very beginning."
"There is clear and systematic mistranslating that can be footnoted or presented in the final compilation of translator notes that will demonstrate the deliberate attempt committed by translators, that ended up destroying a significant bond that would have existed between the Jews and Christians from the very beginning, even if there was no meeting of the minds on theological matters to the very end."

5) Then the article attacks the Syriac Pshitta of the Church of the East. Here is an article that attacks the greatest Church in the world until the 12th Century (when it was almost destroyed by the Mongolian and Tartar invasions.) And the basis of these attacks is through the analysis of the Greek, Latin and English translations of the Scriptures -- not on facts.

6) Then the article attacks all the Eastern Churches one by one.

I only summarized some of these points because this article is extremely long. I don't think there will be but a handful of people who will read it. Most Western Christians will assume that because the article is so extensive in the presentation of the evidence for the plot to replace the Greek New Testament that it must be true. Well, it is not true, and if you care to read it, you will find that it is not.

In order to see the splinter in one's brother's eye, one needs to remove the beam before one's own eye.

Feb. 15, 2014 (Updated June 6, 2014)

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