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The opening verse of the Gospel of John in the Ancient Aramaic language goes like this: 'Brasheet etoohewah Milta: oo Haw Milta etoohewah l'wat Allaha: oo Allaha etoohewah Haw Milta,' or 'Brasheet there was the Milta, and That Milta was with Allaha, and Allaha was That Milta.' This first verse of the Gospel of John clearly connotes the Triune Essences of Maran Eashoa Msheekha. (On the right there is this verse written in the Estrangelo Aramaic script around the painting of 'Jesus being baptized by John.')

The AAC is all about understanding the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures through a faithful translation. When Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah) walked the earth, He read from the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures, not the Greek Septuagint and its derivatives. The language that Eashoa Msheekha spoke, wrote and read from was the Ashurit Aramaic; this was the Leeshana Supprayah (Scribal Language) in which all Scriptures were recorded. From the very beginning of recorded history, the first language spoken by human beings became the language of the Scriptures -- from the picture writing invented at Ur in 4000 BC, to Babylonian and Ashurai cuneiform in 3000 BC, and finally to the alphabetical writing invented at Nineveh around 1000 BC -- the Scriptures were recorded in the alphabetical language of Nineveh during the Babylonian Captivity. Nineveh had already fallen in 612 BC, destroyed by the Babylonians and the Medes; but the alphabet was already invented at Nineveh and the Ashurai were the first nation to convert to the true faith in Allaha, the first title of the Creator of the Universe, (today know as 'God' by the English speaking people and by other names of billions of people that speak other languages.) Jonah preached to the Ashurai king at Nineveh and Eashoa Msheekha recognized the 'Men of Nineveh' in Matthew 12:39-41. The Ashurit dialect of Aramaic (alphabetical) became the Leeshana Supprayah (Scribal Language) of all the Scriptures. These Scriptures were preserved through the martyrdom of the Ancient Church of the East, and these Scriptures are still accessible to those who wish to support this effort to translate them from the manuscripts Eashoa read from when He walked the earth.

The project to make a movie about the teachings of Eashoa Msheekha as preserved from the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures continues. I'm committed to making this movie along with the effort to develop a support group to fund the AAC -- a Church Not Made With Hands -- to publish and disseminate the translations of the Aramaic Bible to all Christians who want to believe in Maran Eashoa Msheekha (Jesus the Messiah prophesied by the Scripture) -- to believe in Maran Eashoa Msheekha and not a personal invention of who Jesus was, or to believe in a 'personal relationship' with a Jesus that is found only in Western translations from Greek, Latin and English, or to believe in an esoteric definition made by a group of men or a sectarian church that seizes the religious power through conquest and proceeds to spread its own agenda. No, but a genuine return to the teachings of Maran Eashoa Msheekha that were preserved by the Ancient Church of the East that was driven out of Jerusalem in the 1st Century of Christianity and ended up in the Eastern region of the Roman Empire.

This Church has largely disappeared in physical form; it is now preserved only in its liturgy. It is reflected in the manifestations of faith of its members who are wanderers in the world, driven from their homes and the countries were they used to live. The Church exists only in the hearts of the women and men that hold true to the teachings of Maran Eashoa Msheekha. It is no longer a nationalist cause, but a Church that can be supported by all Christians who seek the true faith in Maran Eashoa Msheekha.

The Church is not in the images that it displays or the rituals that it maintains; the Church is resurrected daily through prayer and supplication of its adherents; however, the imagery -- and now I propose a motion picture that portrays through its images that which can only be shown spiritually through the performance of actors trained in capturing the essence of truth through genuine emotions, the feelings of what genuine faith is all about: the belief in Maran Eashoa Msheekha not through images but through the manifestations of the Faith in His Name. Such is the expertise that is required of me as the filmmaker creating this work of art that reflects through images that which is ephemeral but according to what Eashoa Msheekha taught while He was on earth two thousand years ago.

This is why a movie about Eashoa Msheekha -- if made correctly -- can show what has never been shown in movies about Jesus before. This is the project I have planned to direct, and I need your support. If you follow what I'm saying, click on this link and contribute to it.

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