The Third Letter of John

1. Priest to Gaius*, my beloved, whom I love in truth. 2. Our dear [friend,] I pray for you regarding everything, that you may succeed and be strong, up to your full capability.* 3. For I am very happy that the brothers have come, and they give testimony about the Truth, just as you yourself live* in the Truth. 4. And greater joy than that is not possible,* [when] I hear my children living* in the Truth.

5. [Our] beloved, through faith you performed whatever you were able to accomplish with our brothers, especially as they were hostile towards us,* 6. [And] they testified of your love before all the churches, of those beautiful [things] you did for them as you replenished their [supplies] as much as it is for the glorification toward Allaha. 7. Because they went out for the sake of His name,* while they received nothing from the nations. 8. We must therefore love to receive [into the Faith] such as them, so as we may be of service to the Truth.

9. I want to write the church, except the one who is the servant*, is the leader; Diotrephes does not accept us. 10. Because of this if I should come, I will bring up these works of his that he performs with evil manifestations over* us. And [as if] this is not enough, he does not receive the brothers, and to those who have been received by everyone, and he even throws them out of the church. 11. [Our] beloved, do not treat* him with malice but with good deeds*. Whoever performs good [deeds] is born of Allaha. And whoever performs evil will not see Allaha.

12. Our Demetrius, there is testimony from everyone*, from the church and from the Truth, we also testify to that and you know our testimony is sincere*. 13. I had much to write you, except I did not wish to write you with ink and pen. 14. I hope to see you soon then, and speak to you face to face.* 15. May peace be with you, your friends greet you. May the peace of brotherhood be with everyone in His name. 

Footnotes: 1* “gi-yous,” possibly nick name for a hard working missionary. -- 2* “As much as succeeds yourself.” -- 3* “Stride.” -- 4* Literal expression: “And more than this joy I have not.” -- * “Striding.” -- 5* “Our beloved, by faith you did what you bound with the brothers, and in actuality that they were hostile.” -- 7* “For after His name they emerged [out.]” -- 9* Figure of speech: “Is merciful.” -- 10* Figure of speech: “Binding.” -- 11* Figure of speech: “Liken [him to.]” -- * Literal Or: “blessing.” -- 12* “Human [being.]” -- * Figure of speech: “True That.” -- 14* Literal expression: “Mouth to mouth.”

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