Paul's Second Letter to Timothy

2 Timothy 1

1. Paul, the apostle of Eashoa Msheekha through the will of Allaha and through the Kingdom of everlasting life in Eashoa Msheekha, 2. To Timothy, beloved son -- grace, mercy and peace from Allaha the Father and Maran Eashoa Msheekha. 

3. I confess to the Allaha whom I served from [the time of] my ancestors with a pure conscious, that I always remember you in my prayers by night and day, 4. And I yearn to see you and I remember your tears so full of joy. 5. I was so impressed by your genuine faith, that which was vouchsafed beforehand to your mother's mother, Lois, and your mother Eunice, that I commend you with it also. 6. That is why I remind you to contemplate Allaha's endowment that is in you, as I consecrated my hand over you. 7. For Allaha did not give me the spirit of submissiveness, except the spirit of empowerment, of love and of bequest. 8. Therefore, neither be embarrassed by the testimony of our Maryah, nor by me as I am among prisoners, except confront evil by the Revelation of Allaha* -- by the power of Allaha, 9. He who gave us Life and called us by the holy calling, not according to our works, except according to His will and His grace, that which was given to us by Eashoa Msheekha before the age of the universes, 10. And you shall reveal it now through the Revelation of our Creator* Eashoa Msheekha, who nullified death, and you shall show this Life and the immortality through Allaha's Revelation,* 11. Through Whom I was consecrated a preacher, apostle and teacher of the nations.

12. That is why I preach the Hope of such things without embarrassment, for I know in Whom I believe, and I trust that my bequest will reach His hands so as He shall protect me on that Day. 13. [This bequest is] yours also, a friend of the healing words you heard from me by the faith and love that are in the Messiah Eashoa. 14. Guard the blessed bequest through the Holy Spirit that abides in us. 15. This I know, that all of them in Asia were trained by me,* such as Phygelus and Hermogenes. 16. May our Maryah bless the house of Onesiphorus where I rested on many occasions and who was not embarrassed by my imprisonment. 17. Not only that, but even when he came to Rome,* he searched for me with diligence and found me. 18. May our Maryah grant him to find mercy with our Maryah on that Day and all my helpers in Ephesus, you know them better.* 

Footnotes: *1:8 Aramaic word: “Awen-galee-yun.” -- *1:10. 1 Lit Aramaic: “Life-giver.” -- *1:10. 2 Aramaic word: “Awen-galee-yun.” -- *1:15 Literal expression: “Returned from me,” or “turned back from me.” -- *1:17 “Except also when he came to Rome.” -- *1:18 “And how many my those who ministered to me in Ephesus, moreover you know them.”

2 Timothy 2