The Second Letter of John

1. The priest* to the “Chosen Lady”* and those whom I truly love, [and] not only I alone, except all those who know the Truth. 2. For the Truth sustains* us forever*. 3. May Grace and Mercy and Peace* be with us, from Allaha the Father and from Eashoa Msheekha, Son* of the Father, in truth and love. 4. I am very happy to find of your children that live* by the Truth, as the Father has commanded* us. 5. And now I set your heart at rest*, “Chosen Lady,” it was not that I am writing you regarding a new commandment, except [regarding] the one we had from the beginning, that we should love one another.

6. And this is love, that we go about according to His Commandment. This is the commandment as you heard from the beginning, that you live* in Him. 7. For many misleading* [people] emerged in this world, those who do not confess that Eashoa came in the flesh, that is what misleads and the Antichrist. 8. Confirm your spirit so as not to lose what you have worked for, except you should receive your full recompense. 9. Whoever passes [through] and does not adhere to the teachings of the Anointed One, Allaha is not in him; the one who adheres to His teachings, this one [also] has the Father and the Son. 10. If a human [being] comes to you, and brings not these teachings, do not receive him in the house and do not wish* him joy. 11. For whoever wishes him joy will be participating in evil activities. 12. As I had a great deal to write you, I did not want to [write you] with pen and ink, except I hope to come to you, and speak to you face to face,* so that our joy may be complete. 13. The children of your “Chosen Sister” send* you greetings. Blessings be with you, Amen. 

Footnotes: 1* “Elder.” -- * “Quoriya,” female declension of “the called,” possibly a name of a lady, most likely symbolic code name for the “the Church.” -- 2* Figure of speech: “Strengthens in us.” -- * “To the end of the universe.” -- 3* The triune “q'numeh” of Allaha, or the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. -- * Literal Or: “Creation.” -- 4* “Stride.” -- * Figure of speech: “Placed between.” -- 5* Figure of speech: “Deliver.” -- 6* Figure of speech: “Stride.” -- 7* “Oblivionators.” -- 10* Figure of speech: “Say happy.” -- 12* Literal expression: “Mouth to mouth.” -- 13*Literal expression: “Ask your salutations.”

3rd Letter of John