Paul's First Letter to Timothy

1 Timothy 1

1. I, Paul, the apostle of Eashoa Msheekha, by the command of the Allaha who gave us Life and the Messiah Eashoa who gave us the Hope [of the Kingdom,] 2. To Timothy, the faithful son of faith, grace, mercy and peace be upon you from Allaha our Father and the Messiah Eashoa our Maryah. 

3. As I am going to Macedonia, I want you to stay at Ephesus, to command certain people that they should not teach an alternative doctrine, 4. And not to cast themselves into the offerings and tribal traditions that are devoid of sanctity, those that destroyed us in slavery moreover and did not nurture us in the faith of Allaha.

5. The sanctity of the commandment, then, is love, that which is from a pure heart, good conscience and true faith. 6. And leaving those, they went out to mislead people and emphasize empty words, 7. As they wanted to become teachers of the Law, while they understand neither what they are talking about, nor what they are discarding. 8. We know, however, that the Law is beautiful if a human being is found going according to it. 9. As it is known that the Law was not consecrated for righteousness, except for abominations and desolation, for the licentious, the sinners and the accursed and those who are impure and those who beat their fathers and those who beat their mothers, and the killers, 10. And the fornicators and the molesters of male children and the abductors of the free and the liars and the oath breakers, and for everything that is in opposition to the wholesome knowledge, 11. So as the Revelation of Allaha's glory may be blessed in Whom I have faith.

12. And I confess that He has empowered me, Maran Eashoa Msheekha, who reckoned me faithful and consecrated me for his service, 13. To me, who was before blaspheming, casting out [the faithful] and cursing them, I was nevertheless marked by Him, as I knew not what I was doing, being without faith. 14. The grace of our Maryah, however, was augmented in me, and likewise the faith and love of Eashoa Msheekha. 15. Faithful is that Manifestation and deserving is He to be received, that Eashoa Msheekha came to the universe to bring back to Life sinners, of whom I am a prime example.* 16. Except because of it He took mercy on me, so that through me Eashoa Msheekha would show the outpouring of His Spirit for the eyes of those who were destined to believe in Him, to receive through Him Life to [the end of] the universe.

17. To the King of all the universes, then, to Him who is immutable* and invisible, Who is the One Allaha -- honor and glory to the end of the universe of all the universes, amen. 18. The commandment I pass on to you, my son, Timothy, according to the first prophesies that were upon you, that you may extend to them those beautiful exercises, 19. Through faith and good conscience, for they that fell away from them became empty of faith, 20. Like Hymenaeus and Alexander, those that were handed over to Satan, to be rid of, so as they may not blaspheme us. 

Footnotes: *1:15 Literal expression: “Before whom I am I.” -- *1:17 The ancient Aramaic word is a direct reference to Eashoa Msheekha having not decomposed in the tomb.

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