Peter's First Letter

1 Peter 1

1. Peter, the apostle of Eashoa Msheekha, to the chosen and the settlers that are sown in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithymia, 2. Those that were chosen by the Prescience of Allaha the Father, through the Holy Spirit, to be the adherents and to sprinkle the blood of Eashoa Msheekha -- may blessings and peace proliferate among you. 

3. Blessed is the Allaha our Father and Maran Eashoa Msheekha, He Who out of His Providential generosity gave us a new birth from the beginning, through the Resurrection of Eashoa Msheekha, so as we may have the hope of everlasting life, 4. And the Inheritance that is immutable, undefileable and unspoileable, that which is consecrated for you in heaven. 5. While you are guarded by the power of Allaha and through the Faith of life everlasting that you are blessed with revealing in the final ages.* 6. Through which you may be overjoyed forever,* even though in this short season you may be oppressed by changing circumstances that will impinge themselves upon you. 7. So much so, that the communion of your faith is revealed, that which is of greater value than the purified gold forged in the fire for benediction and glorification and honor, through the revelation of Eashoa Msheekha, 8. He Whom you did not see and yet loved, and by whose faith you sermonize, with joy, a glorification that cannot be described, 9. As you receive the recompense of your faith, which is the Salvation* of your souls. 10. That Salvation* upon whose heels the prophets followed, as they prophesied regarding the blessing that was destined to be vouchsafed you. 11. And they had a premonition about the season in which the Spirit of the Messiah that abided in them would appear and be attested, as His passion* and glorification afterwards were predestined. 12. And all their premonitions were revealed to them, because even though it was within themselves that they wanted to understand, it was for us that they prophesied; this is what is being revealed to you now by those who preach this Hope to you through the Holy Spirit that was sent from heaven; imagine, even the heralding angels yearned to know when these prophesies would be fulfilled.* 

13. Because of that set your conscience straight,* and be mature in your awareness, and preach about the joy that came upon you by the revelation of Maran Eashoa Msheekha, 14. Like obedient children, and do not be part of the old yearnings. Those things that you yearned for without knowing. 15. Except be holy in all your affairs,* as holy is He that Called you. 16. For it is written [in Scriptures,] “May you be holy, whereas I am also holy.” 17. And if He is your Father that you call Him, He that knows no favoritism and judges every human being according to their works, take care of your affairs through submission during the season of your settlement. 18. As you know that it is neither silver, that tarnishes, nor gold that will save you from your empty works, those that you inherited from your ancestors, 19. Except by the precious blood of the Lamb, without blemish or guilt, who is the Messiah, 20. Who was from the beginning chosen for this, before the foundations of the universe, and was revealed at the end of the ages for your sake, 21. Those of you that believed in Allaha through His power,* who raised Him from the dead,* and glorified Him,* so as your faith and Hope may be in Allaha. 22. So as your souls may be sanctified by heeding the Truth, and filled with love that is not hypocritical, that you may love one another with a pure and mature heart, 23. Like human beings who are born anew,* born not from the seed that becomes extinct,* except of the seed that does not become extinct, by the living Manifestation of Allaha in the resurrection to eternal life. 24. Because all flesh is like a weed and grows like wild brush in a field. the weed dries and the wild brush withers, 25. And the Manifestation of Allaha stands forever.* And this is that Manifestation for Whom you Hoped. 

Footnotes: *1:4 “Seasons.” -- *1:6 Figure of speech: “To the end of the universe.” -- *1:9 Literal expression: “The lives of your breath,” or everlasting lives. -- *1:10 Figure of speech: “Everlasting life.” -- *1:11 “Sorrows.” -- *1:12 “And it was revealed to them all the premonition they had, because even though their own souls they wanted, except for us they prophesied, these that now are revealed to you, by the hand of these extenders of hope, by the Holy Spirit that is sent from heaven, that through them, by these, extremely desirous were even the angels that heralded you.” -- *1:13 Literal expression: “Wrap the backs of your consciences.” -- *1:15 “Walks.” -- *1:18 Literal expression: “Currency that wears out.” -- *1:21. 1 Aramaic expression: “By His hand.” -- *1:21. 2 “The house of the dead.” -- *1:21. 3 “Gave Him glorification.” -- *1:23. 1 “Born from the beginning.” -- *1:23. 2 Figure of speech: “Wears out.” -- *1:25 “To the end of the universe.”

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